To ensure the ongoing success of the Smith St Community Farm, it is essential to have access to a selection of battery operated power tools. Power tools such as drills, saws, and sanders will be necessary for constructing garden beds, trellises, and other necessary infrastructure. Additionally, power tools will be used for maintenance and repairs, including fixing irrigation systems and fencing.


The use of power tools will enable the team to work more efficiently, saving time and labor costs, and making the project more sustainable in the long run. Therefore, investing in a cache of general power tools will not only ensure the success of the community urban farm project, but also provide a valuable resource for the community to use for years to come.

Why battery operated tools?

Using battery-operated tools on the community urban farm has several advantages over corded or petrol-powered tools. Firstly, battery-operated tools are more environmentally friendly as they do not emit harmful fumes or contribute to noise pollution. This is especially important for an urban farm, where air and noise pollution can be significant concerns. Secondly, battery-operated tools are more portable and versatile than corded or petrol-powered tools, making them ideal for use in outdoor settings.


The absence of cords and reliance on electricity or fuel sources also allows for more flexibility in terms of where and when the tools can be used. Additionally, battery-operated tools tend to require less maintenance than petrol-powered tools, reducing overall maintenance costs and making them more cost-effective in the long run. Overall, the use of battery-operated tools is a more practical and sustainable option for the community urban farm project

Grounds Care Equipment

– Line Trimmer x2 $689 each

– Self Propelled Lawnmower

520mm 56volt


– Hedge Trimmer


56 volt




– Multi Tool System 

  – Cultivator



  – Brush Cutter kit


  – Bristle Brush




Estimated cost cost: $5,000

Site Development and Project Tool


– Drill $300

– Impact Driver $400

– Circular Saw $400

– Mitre Saw $1500

– Mitre saw stand $400

– Resiprocating Saw $530

–  Dust Extractor with power take off $400

– Wet and Dry Vac $300

– Jig saw $500

– Air inflator $300

– Belt Sander $300

– Orbital Sander $400

– Oscilating Multi Tool $450

– Plunge Router $600

– Trim Router $450

– Power Pruner $300

– Battery operated air compressor ~3-5L capacity $300

– Smaller capacity batteries ~2-3 amp hours x4 $150 each, $600 total

– Large capacity batteries ~10 amp hours or more x2 $500 each, $1000 total







Estimated cost cost: $9,500